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My new addiction

Everybody has them...addictions! If you don't, you're lying to yourself. Be honest, not even a small addiction? 😉 Well I have a few. Washing out the sink, even if there's just a small drop. Putting all the cups or dishes... Continue Reading →

I wanna be a hippy

Well it would be nice...and in second life I would surely buy this trailer and wander around in all worlds to see and live my life as a big adventure. Not being too busy and just enjoying my time, my... Continue Reading →

I’m a WIP

That's how I see myself! And I guess no matter how old you are, you are never to old to learn. At the moment Second Life is my learning stage. Learning to see behind the people, what do they wear?... Continue Reading →

Time for a change

Yes, it is! It's time to try something new. I've been thinking about it for a long time now about buying me a Catwa bento head. Always had Lelutka heads. I still like them but I must say, I really... Continue Reading →

Thinking to much

...and so a week ends! A week passed, it passed so quick I didn't even had time to blink. It's funny how life passes by so fast and even faster as you get older. Not that I'm old, but you... Continue Reading →

Take a break

Sometimes we just need to take a break...and sometimes I've just got a feeling that I've been doing so much but still I'm not seeing it. I need to do lots of things but somehow my head is not up... Continue Reading →

Busy times

...and busy it is! If you thought Christmas time is the most busy time of the year, well you're wrong. Even life in second life is pretty busy. Lots of nice events to visit and lots of things to see... Continue Reading →

Happy New Year…

...and may all your new year's wishes come true. With a new beginning and fresh start, Full of inspiration and positive thoughts, Let's begin this year with an optimistic thought. Gone are the days of regret and guilt, Those rooms... Continue Reading →

Happy Hohoholidays

Merry Christmas to all.... I know I'm a bit late but Christmas is a very busy Holiday season and I love spending time with my kids. Enjoying a hot cocoa with a nice movie, early evenings, window shopping in the... Continue Reading →

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